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How to use makeup sponge with liquid foundation?

2021-05-26 17:24:49

Foundation brush is suitable for dry skin or zero defect skin. Beauty eggs is more suitable for oil skin and mix skin. My skin is oil skin, so today i share some practices tips of mine as following.

Eyeshadow  ,Eyebrow Pomade,Lip Gloss ,Lipstick  ,Loose Powder ,Foundation,Mink Eyelash,Makeup Puff

Eyeshadow  ,Eyebrow Pomade,Lip Gloss ,Lipstick  ,Loose Powder ,Foundation,Mink Eyelash,Makeup Puff

Bought a suitable foundation for our skin , then we need to learn how to use this liquid foundation. We can use hands, beauty makeup eggs, foundation brush and other tools. Today I will tell you how to use make-up eggs . There are three kinds of make-up eggs, including the eggs of the gourd, the water drop eggs and the skew eggs. The sliced egg is the best to use. It can push the foundation  in a large area and then use the sharp part to wipe the foundation evenly on the sides of the alar. The operation steps are as follows。

  1. The first step is to wet the makeup eggs, you can use ordinary mineral water, spray or tap water, choose which one based on your mood.

  2. The second step is that the beauty egg will expand after water absorption, and the water of the egg need to be sucked to eight dryness with a clean dry towel. You can also squeeze it dry with small force by hand, but remember that it can not be screwed, because the screw will destroy the shape of the makeup egg. so that the beauty egg will keep a certain wettness.

  3. The third step is to squeeze the right volume of foundation on the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, then use the  moisture beauty eggs to dab the liquid foundation from inside to outside gently. The tip part of beauty egg can be used on the nasal alar, bottom of eyes, corners of the mouth, and so on.

    Personally I squeeze the foundation on the left hand back, and press ,dip, smear it a little bit with the makeup egg, so that it does not absorb powder too much. Actually It is almost the same amount as the hand smear way, but the makeup effect will be much better.

    Eyeshadow  ,Eyebrow Pomade,Lip Gloss ,Lipstick  ,Loose Powder ,Foundation,Mink Eyelash,Makeup Puff

Note: after using the liquid foundation, you must use setting face powder to set.

Eyeshadow  ,Eyebrow Pomade,Lip Gloss ,Lipstick  ,Loose Powder ,Foundation,Mink Eyelash,Makeup Puff

4.Blenty eggs need to be in close contact with our face, so we must store them separately to avoid the breeding of bacteria. We should clean them after using them every time, pack them in a box or a clean bag, and store them separately in a cool place to avoid too much sunlight, because the sunshine is easy to make them hard.

Eyeshadow  ,Eyebrow Pomade,Lip Gloss ,Lipstick  ,Loose Powder ,Foundation,Mink Eyelash,Makeup Puff

5.The life of a make-up egg is about 2-3 months. And we need to clear it oftenly. The way to clean the make-up egg is to rub the surface with make-up remover or special cleaning product until the make-up egg returns to its original color and then dry it.